29 Sept 2014

Apathy Quit India

>Our Prime Minister Modi  spoke loud and clear at Madison Square today – he sought a mass movement called development, big efforts for small works, cleanliness is godliness, not to be shy of tough tasks, take challenges head-on, tardiness to go take a back seat!

Though I know he spoke his heart out and have no doubts that he won over many too, I fear how many will toe this line. Sometimes, a passionate individual, will tend to believe that passion is the norm with all. Then comes along a few shocks as one potters away… many an earlier smiling and cheering fellow will waylay or bide a moment to regress into old habits. I hope that will not be the case, and the excitement lasts long enough to become a new obsession.

This mass movement named Development is in truth a cry to shun Apathy, to stop looking for easy excuses that censure you from your path! And to believe that wherever your persist for excellence, whatever the result, your continued efforts make a difference.

It is time for all to shrug off the irresponsible, gauge the unresponsive, seek new solutions and surge on ahead - #ApathyQuitIndia is the call!

A week ago I was interviewed by a reporter who questioned, “SO WHAT!?!, what difference will this make, if not instantaneously today?” These are wasted endeavours he decried, probably because he wanted, a bit irrationally, to see catastrophic change before the next day’s edition. If an immediate want is not fulfilled, it was not worth anyone’s while, was his frenzied attitude. A disposition that got him a quick dose of another kind of attitude. Yet another reporter was harangued on the streets of New York today, for questioning the good mood - #ApathyQuitIndia is the call!

The Good Mood, is this good-will to move on ahead, a will that many have rallied to. Yet I too, only wish, that these good people will remember their promises and the temper of today, as their perseverance is tested in times ahead. This perseverance is going to balance the impatience of those who want it all now, is going to be the strength of those who know it will take all their will and some strife. It will be a test between the mind and heart, whereas in reality, it requires both to work together. We will need to steadfastly remember the essence - #ApathyQuitIndia is the call!

The last time as a nation we were collectively provoked, coming together with a national will, was Gandhi’s Quit India Movement, when even bullets needed to be faced. Nothing that drastic this time around – if we do rally behind this new call – just have to face this habit within and keep our heart and mind together, to push on regardless, if we promise - #ApathyQuitIndia is the call!

For greater good, for a better world, to be a better person - #ApathyQuitIndia is the call!

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