19 Oct 2013

Cold Chain scenario in India?

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What is the Cold Chain and what is its importance for the Agriculture sector? What is the overall scenario of Cold Chain in India? What are the challenges before us, where we stand in comparison to other developed countries? What kind of technological & infrastructural and knowledge up gradation logistic companies need to do to meet the demand of goods in the future? What are the challenges do you see in front of logistic companies to reach the rural areas and how can it be tackled? Wal-Mart has parted itself from Bharti very recently, how will it affect the India’s retail and supply chain industry and its infrastructure? What is NCCD doing and its future goal?

Above are a series of questions thrown my end, with some quick responses in revert.

Cold-chain is a series of interlinked chain of activities that link perishable goods from source point to destination. Inherently cold-chain must involve a market linkage and a product life cycle matrix.