11 Oct 2012

Wall Street Jousts (?)

Queries raised by Wall Street Journal

- What are the hurdles for the development of cold chain in India? 
Lack of domain skills and associated expertise is a primary hurdle. We have the fuel, we have the technology... it is what lies between that is missing. The newly initiated NCCD as well as privately run organisations and universities will help disseminate knowledge and attract more professionals and skilled workers to this industry. Another hurdle is minimal manifestation of the produce owner business model in India.

A producer owned supply chain is the common cold chain worldwide. Mostly because the producer has the most vested interests. Also the cold chain is the only supply chain that directly impacts the producer's price realisation because of its inherent impact on product quality and shelf life. Branded agri-produce players should be made welcome and promoted as by virtue of owning the brand, they promote best practices and quality norms.

- What are the missing links and can FDI help?