20 May 2015

Shelf life is not storage life

Holding period in a warehouse is opportunity lost.

Keeping food secure for long is not always a worthwhile achievement... making sure it arrives for gainful end-use is the real target. Aim to make sure you reach the consumer - get on the shelf!

15 May 2015

Segregation is good… sometimes

Cold chain operators are usually counselled that they must segregate goods in the cold-chain.

The need to segregate stems from the fact that fresh farm produce is frequently incompatible with one another, and is good practice to mitigate risk of damage & food loss.

Segregation is important in the cold-chain

Cold-chain is not only about cooling alone but must look at various compatibility aspects between different species of the goods involved. This is in particular the case when handling fresh fruits and vegetables. Unlike aseptically sealed foods, the packaging of fresh produce has to allow access to the surrounding air and therefore makes it susceptible to tainting, moisture loss and biological triggers.

7 May 2015

Cold-chain Storage Types

We frequently see confusion in use of the terms that describe or relate to different types of cold storage spaces. This article defines the basic categories of environment-controlled storage systems used in food supply chain.

Size and Capacity - are distinctly different, even if correlated