21 Jul 2013

Private-Public Shift

Can the government, should the govt retain domain expertise they tap onto?

Pawanexh Kohli
Occasionally, some say more frequently of late, the Indian government asks people with experience in the private sector to take on a role with them, to help devise, advise or in some case execute some policy decisions. I am not talking of tendered projects but about individual people, that the government assigns certain tasks to.

I was recently touted as one of these so called experts functioning alongside senior bureaucrats... attempting to add value as-and-where capable. In fact it was with great trepidation that I took on the role as Chief Advisor on matters "cold-chain" and to help incubate the National Centre for Cold-chain Development (NCCD).

Anyone in any supply chain or logistics trade will tell you that there are no experts and that learning on the logistical front is evergreen and each instance and each co-existence with a series of activities is a life long fire fight. The grass root, hands-on experience, if applied defensively, will only lend to pat-on-call excuses, ready-reckoners of sorts to explain failure.