17 Feb 2013

Frequent Questions about NCCD (National Centre for Cold-chain Development)

About NCCD

1.    Could you please provide some highlights about the initiatives undertaken by the NCCD for the development of cold chain infrastructure in India?

See Wikipedia Article on NCCD
NCCD under its agenda of inclusivity has held various interactions with stakeholders from inception, for inputs to develop its roadmap to targeted conclaves to receive recommendations to ease the roadblocks to further development. These stakeholder interactions are followed up for directed interventions by the government. Of notable achievement is that NCCD has already redressed some concerns by project implementers by providing ready response to interpretations of subsidy guidelines. NCCD has brought about an improved understanding in allied sectors on the opportunity and remedial options in this sector.

In another initiative, NCCD has opened participation to a wider base of stakeholders by including educational and research institutions, farmer producer organisations, self-help groups, student groups and other allied industry sectors. Please go through attached criteria document – we are surprised that some industry stakeholders who habitually profess interest in supporting cold-chain development have not walked-the-talk by partaking in NCCD. The industry at large must realise that the government is a facilitator to support the ground action that they hope to fulfil. NCCD was formed to supporting them... and as a measure of their interest. We feel the initiatives need to arise from business enterprises in tandem with government interventions.

NCCD is also advising on the XII Plan period assistance programs and aims to bring technology interventions and more support to participants from the logistics sector.

2.    What are the achievements of NCCD so far, you would like to highlight?