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Hello reader, this blog is mostly on subjects I am passionate about - namely:

  • Food Loss - post-production discards & rejects in the supply chain, before consumer-end 
  • Food Waste - discards in the hands of the consumer, post-monetisation
  • Cold-chain - as a logistics conduit, that carries perishable goods to you
  • Environment - sustainability of our agricultural sectors
  • Livelihood - sustainability of our agriculturist
  • Energy - best options and efficient use thereof
  • Climate - options to retard or mitigate its change
  • Others - topics that catch my fancy
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My writing is impromptu on impulsive, and can tend to berate a point - so where you find the matter being repeated again and again, ignore the poor copy-editing. A second read on my part is is rare and may happen many months later.

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