31 Jan 2016

Frequently Asked Questions on AICIC Study

“All India Cold-chain Infrastructure Capacity” (AICIC)[1]
(Assessment of Status & Gap)

Q1 - The NCCD-NABCONS Study (AICIC) has covered cold storage needs for horticulture produce only and not for processed food products. Therefore, the findings are grossly underestimated?

Table 2.2 of the report provides a list of food items which were selected for primary study in the AICIC. In this selection, meat products (livestock, poultry, fish), processed products (including frozen peas, ice-cream, butter) are listed besides fresh produce. The topic is also expanded upon in other parts of the report.

In addition, to offset any lack of relevant data and information (consumption or production) of specific products, the holding periods in cold stores in the chain of various temperature categories, especially frozen products, was used to buffer the assessment of capacity required on the on a higher side. In relation, it is prudent to note that various reports suggest only 2%-4% of processing occurs in India. As such, even if none of the processed foods had been studied, the resulting underestimation would have been minimal.

13 Jan 2016

Logistics Connectivity is Key to Reduce Food Loss

Food has one end-use, to be consumed...food loss or waste occurs when food left unconsumed - or, when food perishes before it could reach the market within its normal saleable life cycle.

Food loss can be reduced... only by ensuring that all the harvested produce reaches its logical end use. This means that food delivery mechanisms must also aim to counter the perishable nature of food, to extend its saleable life cycle.