20 May 2015

Shelf life is not storage life

Holding period in a warehouse is opportunity lost.

Keeping food secure for long is not always a worthwhile achievement... making sure it arrives for gainful end-use is the real target. Aim to make sure you reach the consumer - get on the shelf!

Shelf life is only a part of the product life, a component of the total life cycle that is better opportuned on a merchandising platform. Time spent in a cold store is shelf life wasted.

Always aim to maximise time on actual shelf, ready for merchandising... not in the backdrop, as inventory in warehouses on farms, biding time, hoping for the best.

Speed and distance is the key, the essence of the real cold chain.

It makes more sense to reach out and have the produce available, ready for a sale... reach it to a place where it can fetch the best realisation for its value! 

Only when all options to expand market footprint are exhausted, should one contemplate to store perishables for a future trade, hoping a more profitable transaction.

Normally, view static inventory as an unavoidable compulsion, only to buffer against demand, to balance episodic supply .

-Pawanexh Kohli

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